Monday, March 23, 2009

Snowboard (Demi)God!!

Okay, this is Snowboard God (SBG) I realize I have not posted anything about him yet, but of course there are many funny stories surrounding this "dude" and 10YO!

Is it just me, or is this the happiest face ever on 10YO's face???? The kid bugged me all day about getting this shot.

From what I have been told, the guy is kind of a wild card, I hope for 10Yo's sake that he is around next winter... I swear, the kid really loves this guy.
10YO- "I wish SBG was my big brother."

Me- "Two reasons it cant be. 1) If he were your brother you wouldn't like him and 2) he's my age, I'm not old enough to be his mother..... but he could be your uncle.......

10YO- "No, I already have an uncle and I like him. And Mom, there is noooo way he is as old as you, he is like- dad's age or something....."
(his dad is older than me by four years)

The kid absolutely loves this guy. SBG re injured himself the day of the last school lesson and we thought he was out for the season, 10YO got weepy that night. Imagine his elation when he was getting booted up on a warm afternoon and SBG walks in. I heard a little voice whisper "Mom, look!" And over walks SBG with his gear and asks 'Lil Bro' to ride with him! It was like Christmas all over again!

I can't help but wonder if 10YO's Dad was in the picture or if we were a "normal intact" family, would he still take to SBG like this? Not that it matters, it has been a great thing for the kid, a bond he hasn't shared with anyone other than his uncle.... riding.

Now, let's just hope the kid doesn't get invited out to watch SBG race (stock cars and motor cross) this summer. I am having a hard enough time with one dangerous hobby, I can't survive another!

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