Saturday, May 16, 2009

Which is more disturbing???

We made a trip into town to gather supplies for 6YO's diorama. This led us to the toy store and below is what 6YO went right to.

Take a closer look....


my question is....

which is more disturbing?

the packaging,

or the fact that my 6YO saved his allowance for three weeks to buy it.....?


  1. That is just not right....... Richard

  2. LOL! Did you happen to notice the look on his face in the first picture with him holding the toy? Looked like he thought the 3 weeks of saving was worth it!

  3. Oh my! I find the fact that they actually make such a horrible toy the most disturbing. After all, it they didn't make and market it, then kids wouldn't want to buy it.

  4. All I have to say is some marketing genius totally GETS boys. If my son had seen that at your son's age he wouldn't have rested until he owned it. And it would have been THE gift at every birthday party. (I actually am now obliged to show this to him AND his dad and even at 14 - my son, not his dad lol - I'm not sure he won't still want this just for the "That's cool and freaky!" factor.

    P.S. What's up with your followers button? You come up on my blog roll and I know I've been following you but I'm not there. There is only one person there. THAT can't be right!

  5. Oh, my boy!!!!!!!!!! LOL... That is too funny!!!! Adorable photos of him!!! But I must say, we moms find this kind of stuff very disturbing..Personally, I'm with you...I'm not particularly fond of the "impaling" idea...We need to protest the toy company, I think... :-) Thanks for visiting my blog!!! And for your most kind comments!!! I am honored by your visit, and absolutely delighted to "officially" meet you! Have a wonderful Sunday! ~Janine XO

  6. And just when I thought that I had seen and heard it all!

  7. LOL - He knows what he wanted mama :) Gosh he is so cute.

    p.s thanks for visiting with me. Indeed it brings tears to the eyes to go back in memories of paste. It's hard to believe he is growing up so fast.
    Why I want him to say babylike and I also want him to grow there such a conflict? :)

  8. Wow! "Suitable for children under 3" was the big shocker for me. What a weird deal! I think we'll skip that one for Logan, b/c he'd then go around turning everything into a narwhal horn (tooth? tusk?) and stabbing things. He is so PURE boy. I'll pass your post onto my dh--I think he'll think it hysterical (while I find it disturbing..."adorable animals" to impale! Good grief!