Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Lone Gun-man

Oh, ok.... Just when I think I have seen it all. Just when I think I am getting things under control. Just when I think I have the best kids ever -polite with manners- thoughtful, funny, intelligent, this happens.....

That's a miniature water gun, in 10 Yo's hand.... "Big deal" you're thinking. "So the kids had a water gun fight, so what?"

Well, the big deal is the fact that 6YO ran out of water. He unloaded his water gun on his brother and instead of coming inside to refill it he PEE-ed into it!!!

OMG, I KNOW!!! That is so wrong on so many different levels! I have so many questions!

Where did that child come from?

Whose kid is that, I mean really?

Most importantly, what exactly was the thought process behind it!? I want to know, I really do, I have to know.

Don't worry, 10YO sought refuge behind the storm door until I could talk down the pee gunman. I quickly confiscated and discarded the gun before any pee made contact with human flesh. Disaster successfully diverted.

Here is the aftermath.

10 YO is being a hell of a lot nicer than I would have been!

Ok, so we are in the car on our way to a Baseball meeting, when 6YO and I have the following convo...

ME- "What would you do if 10Yo tried to squirt you with a pee-gun?"

6YO- "He can't."

ME- "What do you mean he can't? What if he did?"

6YO- "He can't Mom it's against THE RULESSSSSS!"

ME- "Says who, who made those rules?"

6YO- In the most condescending tone you can imagine.... Well, of course "Me!" (Duh)

So, my last question.... Is this normal? Don't lie, be honest.... is it? I mean who thinks of this stuff?

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  1. That is so funny. My boys are 7 months and almost 3 and I totally know they will pee in their guns! Thanks for the warning!