Monday, April 6, 2009


Last Friday morning I went to pack the boys lunches. I had everything - fruit, yogurt, oreo crisps, cinnamon bread, cheese sticks, and ham..... but no bread. Of course - I had just been to the store but forgotten the wheat bread. Ughh... the boys had seriously considered all of their lunch box options the night before, carefully picked out snacks -they love choosing what to fill their boxes with. There was always the cinnamon bread, but with ham? I was tempted, but I just couldn't do it, they were going to have to buy their lunches. They were reluctant but had no choice and I felt guilty for a whole ten minutes because we didn't have bread in the house....

So fast forward to this morning. We had been in the city all weekend and took the 8:16pm train last night which got us to our car at 10:06pm (not that the exact time means anything) and then home by 11pm. Usually the boys sleep part of the trip, but not last night . So needless to say, the boys were tired this morning! I woke 10YO, got him to the bus stop and waited until the bus was slowing down and broke the bad news- we were still out of bread he was going to have to buy his lunch again. He was disappointed, but took the news alright.

I went back inside to try to wake 6YO, no luck. I got him dressed while he was still asleep, it's easier that way- less of a struggle. I carried him from his bed to bathroom, pried open his mouth to brush (for real, I brush his teeth while he is sleeping. If you use just a dab of paste and don't wet it, there is only minimal foam and not too much gets ingested) and we made our way to the car where he dozed in and out of sleep. I woke him after the 90 second ride to school and he was woozey- maybe from the toothpaste I force fed him- but he woke up enough to walk. I gave him a hug, told him he had a snack but had to 'order' lunch. (It's called ordering- not buying at his school, they order from the local coffee shop across the street and if you even start to say "buy" and "lunch" in the same sentence he will hostilely correct you ) He shuffled off in the cold misty rain. I jumped in the car and drove to work feeling a little guilty that my kid was sleep walking into kindergarten....

Fast forward 6 hours.... I collected 6YO and while we walked to the car he looked up at me and here is the conversation that followed:

6 YO- "Mom did you say I had to order today or did I see that in my sleep (dream)?"

Me- "Yes, I packed you a snack, but not your lunchbox because we are still out of bread."

6YO - "NO- we had bread, there was lunch for me. Why did you tell me I had to order?"

Me- "No Luke that cinnamon bread was just your snack, I didn't have any bread for the ham. We will go to the market to get some bread, I'm sorry. So you still ordered right? You had more than cinnamon bread for lunch right? "

6YO- "No Mom, it's ok! You did make me a ham sandwich, it was in my back pack, it just fell out of my snack bag!"

Hmmmm, ok, what happened here? I pondered this question during the 90 second ride to 10YO's bus stop. Did someone bring him lunch and put it in his backpack? Unlikely!
If it was a ham sandwich from home, how long had it been in there? I never put lunches in his snack bag, it wouldn't have been there in the first place. The last ham sandwich I made was on Thursday, so it is at least that old? But was his back pack in the truck all weekend? Maybe it was cold enough in the truck not to spoil. How long before meat spoils? How will I know if the ham was bad and will he blow chunks everywhere? Why do I even feed my kids ham, I'm a vegetarian?

As we waited for 10YO, I nonchalantly began my questions. I asked him why he didn't order lunch anyway since I told him to. He didn't need to, he said in a confused but certain tone, he had a sandwich in his back pack- duh. I asked him if he ate it. Yes he did, he was hungry he didn't have breakfast, he was too tired, he said. I asked if it tasted ok. Instead of answering me, he looked at me and asked "why?"

Oh crap, he was asking questions. I had to terminate the conversation or there was the chance he might catch on and realize he ate a four day old ham sandwich....... 10 YO got off the bus and the conversation was safely diverted.

My kid ate a four day old (at least) ham sandwich for lunch today, one that I left in his backpack since last Thursday.

I am ashamed, I am utterly ashamed (and slightly worried he still might blow chunks!)

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  1. Based on the conversations of earlier days, I take it he lived! lol Those are awful moments.

    I remember one night when my oldest was about three, I had made hamburger for tacos the night before. We didn't use all the meat and I was lazy and didn't dump the pan or even do dishes that night. The next morning she was hungry and went in and as I walked into the kitchen, there she was eating it out of the pan. I was horrified. I even called poison control. (Okay, I was still pretty new to all this!) I felt like the worst mother in the world.

    Next day I found out my girlfriens back-packing husband fries the heck out of hamburger and takes it in bags to last for days while he's hiking. Where was he when I needed him? How do they survive us? LOL