Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I love Steve-O

I loved jackass Steve-O. Even though he did some stupid ass stuff, and was using, I loved him. I loved his cute and endearing laugh.

I loved Steve-O pre-rehab, when he broad -casted himself on You Tube talking about other dimensions while totally high beyond comprehension. He was about as messed up and hopeless as ever I've seen......

But I really love sober Steve-O. It takes a strong and amazing person to recognize his need for help and to stay committed to sobriety. Steve-O seemed like the last person who would have even attempted treatment, let alone continue with it for over a year! And he still has that laugh!
It really is so amazing to me that someone like Steve-o, so utterly uninterested in sobriety can "wake up" one day.... and my husband, with two gorgeous, healthy baby boys, financial security, beautiful home, a loyal and committed wife... A beautiful young family with everything to look forward to, and he couldn't pull it together. It wasn't enough to keep him or even get him sober.....

I Love Steve-O

I found this today:

And this....

Have I mentioned I just love Steve-O!!

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