Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's way too quiet. Too quiet here -in this house- and on the phone with my 10YO.

Something is not right. All I get are one word answers but worse than that is his voice -it's horrible, just horrible. I talk to them at bedtime everyday and each day he has sounded worse than the day before.

Now I know that my wise and level headed better half would tell me "he's fine. Things are different and he's just getting used to it- give him a week or so." Which means he's thinking "she's a little paranoid and a lot over protective. She has to let it go and stop reading into things."

But the thing is, I know my kids -especially that kid. I can read him with my eyes closed. Something didn't necessarily happen, but something is bothering him. He is the type of kid whose feelings get hurt if the lifeguard tells him to stop running at the pool, so obviously he is extremely sensitive and very prone to worrying about the smallest things.
I know something is off, he is worried about something; everything in me tells me so. Not only do I hear it in his voice and in his words -or lack thereof- but I feel it. Everything inside of me tells me so and I can't get the kid on the phone without someone (his dad) hovering over his every word.....

And they have only been gone one week.... one week today, actually -not that I'm keeping track or anything.
I am so distracted I can't even focus MJ's memorial -you know the important stuff.

But 6YO was much more enthusiastic , wide awake, and responsive tonight despite having a "sugar-less day" as punishment for yesterday's crime..... Gee imagine that, no sugar and the kid is more lively and energetic -maybe someone should explain a sugar/caffeine crash to dad's girlfriend or the creator/enforcer of the brilliant "sugar-less day" punishment.....
"Talk me down man, TALK - ME - DOWN...."


  1. OH I WANT to talk you down but I'd be just like you! We moms know when something is bothering our kids by the slightest thing. I do want to say that, if he's a sensitive as my son has always been and I'm thinking he might be, they don't seque well. Any thing out of the ordinary and they struggle. And they pick up OUR vibes really easy. My son also knows MY "slightest thing" and reads me like a book. So maybe you hear a little worry for you, too? He may feel REALLY out-of-pocket not being able to check on you as well.

    Hope for and pray for the best. I'll do the same with you. I promise.

  2. And that should have been segue with a G, not a Q!