Sunday, July 10, 2011

reality & quilts

I have a pile of my brothers clothes in the corner of my room. Everyday I see them over there - stacked up cluttering my room. T-shirts, polos, goalie shirts.....all just sitting there.

I have a stack of my brother's clothes in the corner because I am supposed to be making a quilt out of them. I am supposed to be cutting them up into nice neat squares so that they can be sewn together into a quilt that will last "forever" or at least years to come. Because, you know - my brother didn't. He didn't last and now I have a stack of his clothes that I look at everyday sitting in my room. And I am supposed to cut them up - I am supposed to all but destroy the little I have left - physically- of my little brother, to make a quilt?

I have my dead brothers clothes sitting in my room to make a fucking quilt with...... FUCK.

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  1. I'm so very sorry you lost your brother. A quilt to remember him by doesn't begin to fill the void. But you WILL be surprised as the years go by how precious his things will be to you and if you can have many of them represented in one place, it may bring you great comfort. I lost my sister when she was 18. I have SO very little of her, from her. A card and a book. That's it. I was only 12 and no one really saved anything for me. But she wrote in the book and it's that handwriting and that love that I treasure. I know since this you have had other losses and that you are rarely here. I hope someday this message reaches you. My heart aches for all you have experienced.