Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last week was the last day of school. Lots and lots going on the last few weeks....
Baseball -Lots of Baseball!


Open Houses


S.E. Annual School Play -Koi and the Kola Nuts


Puddle Jumping


Play Dates


Strawberry Picking


A Trip To Fire Island


A Farewell Party


And Then... They Were Gone For The Summer

They left with their father last night and won't be back until August 13th, so now it's quiet.

I went from crazy busy to -well, nothing, nothing except this:

You know when you have a stomach bug and are laid up on the couch, and after three hours of nausea all of a sudden instinctually you know you had better get to the bathroom FAST only to make it to the toilet just in time to hurl? That's the feeling I have about this visit.

Something is off, something is not right....

and I hope it's this gut feeling I have!


  1. Oh, I so hate that you have to go through this. I can't imagine having to (and I know you HAVE to) let my babies go to someone I trusted so little for very good reasons. Sorry I'm so late in getting by here but we've been gone. Love to you.

  2. 1...those pics make me SO sad because they are getting so big and i never get to see them.... :( :( I cannot believe how grown up they look!

    2....I will be saying prayers for them...hoping they have a SAFE and fun summer

    3....i miss them SO much...and you...want to meet in boston a week from tuesday???