Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fried, Brain-Dead, Karma, or Just Plain Stupid?

Ok, here's the background, multiple choice quiz at the end of the post....

4am- edited/uploaded photos after I folded two loads of laundry (but did not match the socks, I hate matching socks. I would rather continue buying new socks instead of washing and matching socks,) answered a few work emails, cleaned a stinky hamster cage, and made Cinnamon Crumb Cake for my 10YO in response to a guilt trip he sold me.... did I really let him bully me into making a stupid crumb cake????

6:10 AM- shit, over-slept! No time for a real breakfast, (thank goodness I made the stupid crumb cake) make-up, shower, or ok let's be real here - clean underwear!

7:25 AM- Ughhh, 10 YO missed his bus. Drove 8 min out of my way to primary house and back again.

7:41 AM- Back home, forgot muck boots for 6YO field trip today.

7:50 AM- Stopped at the market for 6YO's 'picnic lunch' that I also forgot for field trip.

8:00 AM- Arrived at 6YO's school, barely slowed down enough to push 6YO out the door with his stupid muck boots, picnic lunch, and booster seat for field trip.

8:40 AM - 2:15 PM- At work, finished up as many reports and publication deadlines as I could.

2:15 PM - 2:30PM- Still at office, received time sensitive email- required response. Should have left 10 minutes ago.

2:50PM- Arrived at 6YO's school- Threatened, begged, and bribed him to leave sand box and get into car of his own free will.

3:05 PM- Wrestled 6YO away from playground and into automobile.

3:12 PM- Picked up 10YO from bus stop.

3:15 PM- 5:05 PM- Arrived home. Helped 10YO with homework. Fixed snack for both pains in the ass, I mean boys. Threw 10 YO baseball uniform in washer for game in two hours. Changed clothes, emptied dishwasher, folded laundry. Reviewed and sent a few emails. Searched for 10YO's baseball hat. Paid cable bill, checked for support payment, and ordered prescription refills online. Received email from ex-mother in law, shook my head in disbelief- she's gotta be crazy- wrote a couple of sarcastic comments saying so and forwarded email to boyfriend for a laugh. Packed up baseball equipment, water, and laptop -maybe I can edit some photos at game.

5:05 PM- Left for baseball game.

5:15 PM- Back home -10 YO forgot his cup- can't play without it.

5:25 PM- 8:45 PM- Arrived at baseball field. Watched and shot last years' undefeated league champs get slaughtered.... again. Hit fast food for dinner.

9:00 PM- At home, bathed and pajama-ed both pains in the ass- gosh I did it again, I mean boys..... Traced my foot, 10YO's foot, 6YO's foot, and Ginger-the hamster's foot for 6YO's homework. Folded laundry, reviewed 10YO's assignment book, and packed snacks for tomorrow. Put pains in the- I mean boys- to bed.

10:15 PM- Sat down. Turned on computer. checked email.

10:16 PM- Opened email from ex-mother in law. Read her response to the sarcastic comments that I sent to her when I hit "reply" instead of "forward."

10:17 PM- Present- Trying to figure out 'why me?'


What is my problem?
A) Was my head fried from trying to multi-task on 2 hours of sleep?
B) Am I brain dead?
C) Is Karma biting me in the ass for even intending to get a laugh at my M-I-L's expense?
D) Was I a natural blonde in a past life? -no offense blonde ladies, I'm just jealous but trying to hide behind demeaning sterotypes!

Scores will be posted after I have my foot sand blasted from my mouth.

***And for the record, I was kidding about the clean underwear thing! I have dozens of VS of 5 for $25 panties. As much as I despise matching socks, I hate running out of clean undies and having to resort to grannie pants even more!!!***

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  1. OH. This is just painful! I once accidentally sent the neighborhood gossip a letter I meant to send to a friend. I was griping about my husband and now she knew ALL! I was so glad when she moved away! LOL So SORRY!